How it works

Bazbus is all about discovering the REAL South Africa through the eyes of a local. Imagine a tourist came to your city with a Lonely Planet Book. Who can show them your city better… you, the local expert, or a guide book probably written by a foreign tourist? That is exactly what Bazbus does in a safe, flexible and fun way!

There are a few ways to travel within South Africa

  1. Planes (you will miss a LOT of stops not served by Airports, such as all the garden route stops)
  2. Public Buses (complicated, safety issues as well as missing a lot of hidden gem stops and towns)
  3. Rent a Car (Don’t meet other people, miss hidden gems not in guidebooks, no local expert, expensive when fuel and parking costs added up, safety issues are common)
  4. Guided Tour (Very expensive, no flexibility to choose what you want to do and when you want to do it, can’t stay anywhere longer)
  5. Bazbus (Safe, Flexible, Fun, and inexpensive compared to other options)

How Bazbus works

  • Book 1 single bus pass that covers ALL bus journeys – no need to research bus tickets and routes!
  • Get picked up at your hotel/hostel in Destination A – no taxi needed!
  • Go from Destination A to B with lots of unique quick stops along the way to see the real South Africa
  • Be dropped off at your hotel/hostel in Destination B – easy and safe!
  • Stay in Destination B as long as you like and simply hop on the next bus to Destination C whenever you are ready
  • Short on Time? Feel free to skip any stop you like! Have lots of time? Our Hop on Hop Off Passes are valid for 1 year so take as long as you want!
  • Have an onboard South Africa assistant fluent in English give you expert tips and advice on where to stay and what to do at each destination


Bazbus vs Renting a Car

Below is a quick comparison of Bazbus vs Renting a Car and why Bazbus is safer, easier, cheaper and more fun!

Bazbus Rent a Car
Road insurance / Petrol included
Discounts on accommodation
Local expert drivers
Meet other people on board
Visit places only locals know
Discounts on tours & activities
Need to find safe parking & pay
Your safety and security is our priority

We understand your needs!

  • It’s not always easy traveling through South Africa due to long delays and poor customer service.
  • What do you do in an emergency? What if your taxi takes you to the wrong place?
  • What if you book a fixed itinerary but then want to stay somewhere longer

And that’s why we created Bazbus!

We offer a safe, comfortable, and stress-free trip!

Meet our local South African drivers (now famous on Tripadvisor!) as well as fellow passengers from across the world. Pay local prices with local South African companies paying local taxes. Lose an ATM card or your passport? Need to call home for an emergency? Bazbus is always there to help, and our onboard assistants are famous for their care and attention, while also leaving travelers enough space and freedom to explore at their own pace.

As we like to say: “Travel independently, but never alone.”

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