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Bazbus is all about discovering the REAL South Africa through the eyes of a local. Our drivers know the hidden gems, the stops between the stops that tourists would never find, and are also happy to share stories of what life was and is like in South Africa along the way. An authentic local experience in a safe, flexible and fun way! Read more below about what Bazbus is and how it works!

There are a few ways to travel within South Africa

  1. Planes (you will miss a LOT of stops not served by Airports, such as all the garden route stops)
  2. Public Buses (complicated, safety issues as well as missing a lot of hidden gem stops and towns)
  3. Rent a Car (Don’t meet other people, miss hidden gems not in guidebooks, no local expert, expensive when fuel and parking costs added up, safety issues are common)
  4. Guided Tour (Very expensive, no flexibility to choose what you want to do and when you want to do it, can’t stay anywhere longer)
  5. Bazbus (Safe, Flexible, Fun, and inexpensive compared to other options)

How Bazbus works

  • Book 1 single bus pass that covers ALL bus journeys – no need to research bus tickets and routes!
  • Hop on the bus at your Start Destination - we pickup at your hotel/hostel, no taxis needed! (Airbnb can meet at our offices)
  • Get off the bus at any stop you like. We have stops at all the best towns, villages and hidden gems along the way based on our 30 years of experience to ensure you can discover places not even in the guidebooks.
  • Use your unique login code to manage all your bus times and dates from your phone, or WhatsApp us whenever you want to get on the next bus. Buses operate every single day so you have complete flexibility and control over your experience.
  • Cover the route as quickly as you like or take as long as you like. Ask our onboard South African expert for any tips or advice along the way!
  • Meet fellow travelers on board from all over the world...many of our passengers make friends and end up traveling to various destinations together!
  • Don't worry about who has to drive the next morning if you are thinking to have a glass of wine or a couple of beers at dinner! Don't stress about where to park the car or worry about driving at night...Bazbus is 100% stress-free so you can truly enjoy your once-in-a-lifetime experience in South Africa.


Bazbus vs Renting a Car

Below is a quick comparison of Bazbus vs Renting a Car and why Bazbus is safer, easier, cheaper and more fun!

Bazbus Rent a Car
Road insurance / Petrol included
Discounts on tours & activities
Local expert drivers
Meet other people on board
Visit places only locals know
Price Discount when more than 1 passenger
Need to find safe parking & pay
Potential to get lost at night
Need to Drive Morning after Alcohol
Your safety and security is our priority

We understand your needs!

  • It’s not always easy traveling through South Africa due to worries about driving at night or getting lost.
  • What do you do in an emergency when driving? Who is your local contact to help you out?
  • What if you book a fixed itinerary tour but then find somewhere amazing and want to stay longer?

And that’s why we created Bazbus in 1995!

We GUARANTEE that Bazbus is the only way to discover the REAL South Africa, with our onboard drivers happily sharing stories about how life was and is in South Africa, as well as being able to assist and advise you with anything along your trip. Our drivers (now famous on Tripadvisor) are not only there to help you get around safely, but to help you see South Africa through the eyes of a South African.

Bazbus is a proud local South African company employing local staff, and our aim is to ensure you have the best possible once-in-a-lifetime trip through this amazing country. We are always here to help and our onboard assistants are famous for their care and attention, while also leaving travelers enough space and freedom to explore at their own pace.

As we like to say: “Travel independently, but never alone.”

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