Who Travels With Us

Unlike in other countries where the hop on hop off concept is mainly associated with young backpackers, Bazbus is unique in that we have an amazing mix of people of all ages from around the world.

Often our older passengers love the energy of our younger passengers, whilst our younger passengers love the experience and stories that our older passengers share with them.

The average age of passengers on our bus is between 25-35 years old, however we have had quite a few families on our bus as well as people in their 70s and 80s, and below we can explain the type of passengers we have on board and why Bazbus suits everybody!

Why Bazbus is perfect for YOU

The whole concept of Bazbus is to discover the real South Africa, in a safe and flexible way, no matter your traveling style, age, or who you’re traveling with! To find out more about the people that travel with us, CLICK on any of the following quick links to be sent to that section or simply scroll to see the whole page.

Why Bazbus is perfect for... Couples:

Bazbus is the perfect way for a couple to travel around South Africa and share the incredible memories of South Africa with your loved one.

Traveling as a couple around South Africa can be sometimes stressful, from trying to pack your things in taxis to trying to book seats sitting together on buses. Bazbus not only removes all this stress, but by taking you to some breathtaking destinations we will ensure you both have the most amazing stress-free vacation you deserve.

Finally, apart from meeting people from all over the world on our buses, you will be surprised to know that over 30% of our passengers are couples, making it easy to meet other happy couples along the way to share the memories with.

Don’t believe us? Here are some reviews from couples to highlight what they’ve said about their time on Bazbus!

Reviews from couples

Honeymoon highlight Bazbus'ing along the Garden Route

We are in our 30s and wanted some chill out time after a big family wedding..


Amazing time and great for everyone!

Bazbus was definitely something else. You meet new people, get new experiences and understand..


Great fun with Baz Bus on their Cape Peninsula day tour

My husband and I opted for the Cape Peninsula day tour with Baz Bus...


Why Bazbus is perfect for... Backpackers:

Trying to plan a backpacking trip around South Africa can be challenging. You need to research the best destinations and the safest routes while trying to save some money and leaving yourself the freedom and flexibility to explore each place. That’s why Bazbus provides the best of all worlds for backpackers!

With Bazbus you’ll be able to travel South Africa in comfort and safety while visiting all of the country’s most amazing destinations and making friends along the way. You’ll also save money by taking advantage of our unique free stops and exclusive hostel discounts. And best of all, you’ll have complete and total freedom to customize your trip. YOU decide where to go, how long to stay, and what to do at each destination.

Don’t believe us? Here are some reviews from backpackers to highlight what they’ve said about their time on Bazbus!

Reviews from backpackers

It was great to meet so many backpackers like me!

The whole trip was smooth since day 1. The bus was spotless..

New York

Most convenient and easy way to travel

Baz bus made my South Africa experience as easy as possible..

Josh M.

Bazbus Experience

Bazbus had come highly recommended by a few mates..

Rob H

Why Bazbus is perfect for... Older travelers:

Bazbus is perfect for all different age groups, including older travelers! We have had passengers as old as 70 and 80 years old who have loved South Africa because there is no other bus or tour in the country that provides the cultural experience that we do at each destination.

Older travelers who have traveled with us have found that Bazbus is, without a doubt, the best way to discover the real South Africa. Not only do our drivers offer excellent historical and cultural information about each destination, they also can help with recommendations for restaurants and hotels that suit your budget. Bazbus also provides a unique cultural experience with free hop stops to help you see the many different sides of this wonderful country.

Don’t believe us? Here are some reviews from older travelers to highlight what they’ve said about their time on Bazbus!

Reviews from older travelers

As an older traveller, I was pleasantly surprised with the service.

Back again in Germany from a fantastic journey in South Africa..


Loved It!

My wife and I were quite skeptical when we booked our journey..


Amazing Adventure! Money and time well spent.

his was the perfect tour for a couple of backpackers a little older..

Ivan M

Why Bazbus is perfect for... Solo travelers:

We welcome many solo travelers (especially solo female travelers) since the safety that Bazbus provides is second to none. We offer GPS tracking of buses, direct hostel/hotel pickup, and experienced drivers to help answer any questions or concerns that you might have.

Our buses are also a great place to meet other like-minded travelers. We often hear from people who started their journey alone but made friends on the Bazbus bus and continued their travels together to other countries. In addition to meeting other travelers, Bazbus also provides the most freedom of any way to travel in South Africa – YOU decide where to go, how long to stay and what to do at each destination. See all the places you want to see and make some friends along the way, all while traveling in total comfort and safety!

Don’t believe us? Here are some reviews from families to highlight what they’ve said about their time on Bazbus!

Reviews from solo travelers

3 months on the road with Bazbus

I travelled with bazbus for 3 months. Absolutely loved it! Great way to see...

Pascale B
New York

Good value for your money!

I travelled solo and didn’t want to rent a car to drive to Cape of Good Hope by myself..

Danielle R
Chicago, USA

You’re never alone as a solo traveler

I had the best time with the bazbus! You travel safely. The bus brings you from hostel..


Why Bazbus is perfect for... Families:

Organizing family trips with 4 or 5 people (or more!) is obviously quite stressful, especially in another country where you need to manage bus tickets and taxis, etc… Bazbus takes all the stress away! You can get around South Africa and see all the best destinations with just one ticket when you travel with Bazbus.

One of the things that families love most about our service is our strong emphasis on safety, with features like GPS bus tracking and direct hotel pick-up. Every bus also has an experienced driver who is there to assist with any questions that you might have, as well as to provide recommendations for restaurants, hotels, and activities in each destination.

Don’t believe us? Here are some reviews from families to highlight what they’ve said about their time on Bazbus!

Reviews from families

Amazing family trip! Tested to be baby friendly!

Bazbus is a great way to explore South Africa. You can plan a trip quickly..

Sarah W

Great day out

Was a great day, perfect for the whole family. An interesting, informative..

Kaitlyn V

Fantastic day

Our family had a super fantastic day with Mike and Leon. We saw African penguins..

Gary S
Maryland, USA